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Hi busy momma! I know that you are tired, overwhelmed and maybe feeling a little alone. You want to capture the innocence of this moment but not sure how you will ever trust a stranger with your brand new baby. Let’s schedule a virtual consult today so that I can show you just how easy and effortless the Newborn Photography Experience is with me!  

Photographing the journey of motherhood

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Thank you for creating 5 years of memories for us. Your images are by far my most cherished possession in my house. You truly capture their personality and soul. 

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OK, Let's Get Real...

When we work together, prepare to become my best friend. We will chat on the phone, laugh about how awful a lot of pregnancy is, I might even make a joke about how some wild animals eat their young and somedays that sounds like a good option.  

I will expect you to be late (and that’s ok). Who can get out of the house early when they are still wearing surf board pads and mesh undies?? 

I will expect your husband to be a little annoyed, but pretend he is not, because let’s be honest, he just fought with a 2 year old who insisted on wearing a batman costume and bringing your grandma’s china. I’m not worried about that and you shouldn’t be either!

I know you probably have only had 1 or 2 showers since birthing this child and I can guarantee you have had no time for any kind of pampering. I’ve got you friend! I will have a professional make-up artist standing by ready to hide the dark circles and make you glow like all the magazines promise us.

I will also expect your toddler to completely melt down upon arrival and act like he’s never met other human beings before. Don’t worry about that. I have 4 kids and myself and I get it!

I had a huge paragraph typed out that talked all about the “luxury portrait experience” and it sounded fancy and it was all true!! But I read it and reread it and it just didn’t feel like me!  


I bet you haven’t thought about wardrobe for the session and even if you did, you are probably carrying a few extra pounds than you expected (why do we gain 40 pounds and only deliver 8 pound children???). Who wants to buy a dress that is not their normal size?? I’ve got you friend. It’s so much more fun to “shop” in someone’s else’s closet and I have curated a perfect selection of dresses that are boho chic, flatter a new mom’s body and photograph flawlessly! 

I will expect you to forget something (I literally left my entire diaper bag at home for my first outing with baby) and that’s ok! I have everything you might need during our session including a bottle warmer, diapers & wipes, snacks, drinks & more. I have literally borrowed one of my husband’s t-shirts for a dad who forgot to bring one. We are in this together!

I don’t expect you to bring anything! I have everything we need including all of the hats, headbands, wraps, blankets and props.  

So here is the honest to goodness truth.

motherhood is hard . . .
let me make this part just a little easier for you.

about me

You can try as hard as you would like but willing your little ones to stay little just doesn’t work (believe me, I’ve tried!). As I look back on all of the portraits I have of them as baby’s, I’m struck by the power of an image to not only bring back a memory but a feeling.  

Being a mother
has taught me many things.

I believe one spectacular image is worth more than 100 images that are just okay.


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Wonder what a newborn photography session with me is like? Take a peek at this short film . . . and be ready for your heart to explode!

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We can’t tell you how much it means to us that we have such beautiful images to keep forever. You are so talented and we can’t wait to recommend you to all of our friends.

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