Photography Experience 

Are you looking for a family photography session that your kids (and husband) will love??

Here's my promise . . . I won't make thekids stand still and I won't ask you to say "cheese"!

I will  let you play and just love on your family.  Even better - when we are done I will take all the work off your plate and create some beautiful artwork to live in your home (and OFF your computer!)

So you’re looking for the very best family photographer?

So I'm guessing that your kids have outgrown their entire wardrobe and you are probably realizing that time is whizzing by!  Are you hoping to freeze time so that you can remember what your family looked like while your kids were still little (or little'sh)??

My family photo sessions are so much more than just creating pretty pictures - rather they are an hour of fun and games! The entire process has been carefully created to be quick and easy and to capture the love that is unique to your family in a way that keeps everyone happy!  

I offer the most amazing fun and relaxed family photography experience 

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Can you relate to this?

Worried that your kids will "misbehave"?

Overwhelmed thinking about pulling wardrobe together?

Not sure if you want to be in front of the camera?

OMG!!  My kids wouldn't stop talking about you!  They had so much fun that when we got in the car they asked why we didn't get our pictures taken :)

MP, client Since 2017

I'm a mom of 4 (one of whom has special needs).  I guarantee you that there is NOTHING that will happen on our session day that I haven't seen before.  Husband crabby because he's missing the game?  No worries - I will pretend I don't notice and use just enough humor to make him lighten up.  Toddler meting down because you won't let him wear his batman costume?  No worries, we will play games and fly him through the air like batman and he'll get over it.  Your teenager is moody and is embarrassed that you are dragging her in public to stand next to you?  No worries, I have 2 moody teenagers and will make it painless for them.

I'm ready for whatever adventure you can throw at me - with camera in hand!

I can’t say enough good things about Julie. She took amazing newborn photos of my son 8 years ago and has taken family pictures every year after that. Every year she is consistently patient, flexible, and energetic while always bringing something different and unique to each session. She is wonderful!!

ap, client since 2020

What's Included:

Personalized styling website

Complimentary makeup for mom

Access to client closet for mom and little ones

Up to 2 hours on location shooting

Snacks & drinks to keep everyone happy :)


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Let me know you would like a session by filling out the below contact form.

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Let's do this . . . I'll bring the snacks!

Frequently Asked Questions

where will the session take

Anywhere with great light!  I have lots of locations I love to shoot.  If you have a place that is special to your family I'm happy to go there as well.

what should I bring to the

Nothing!! My style of family photography is pretty simple so that we can focus on the connections between your family.  

when is the best time of year for family photos?

The best time to photograph your family is anytime!  I know lots of family's wait for the fall - -and yes, the fall is a beautiful time of year!  But if your family is anything like mine, the fall is often crazy busy with back to school activities and sports.  If the spring or summer is slower for your family then that is the best time!

can extended family be included in the session?

While I'm a HUGE family person, my style of photography does not lend itself to large extended family photos.  I want to capture the connection between you and your kids!

how many pictures will
we get?

On average I am delivering galleries of 60-80 unique images! I will capture the whole family together, the kids together, each child by him/herself, parents with each child, parents with all kids, parents alone (when was the last time you had one of those taken??) etc.

Let's get
you scheduled!

If you are looking for a family photography session that doesn't feel like a stiff, traditional family photo session then I'm your girl!