I believe you should adorn your walls with your greatest work of art - your children

As a mom of 4, I can tell you that motherhood is by far the most miraculous (yet very hard) journey of my life. It often feels like I’m trying to hold water in my hands as the days and years quickly slip through my grasp and I am no longer looking at tiny toes but staring back at young people where my babies used to be.

Tired, overwhelmed, living on caffeine and watching the clock until bedtime.

It won’t always be this way. I promise. Babies quickly go from these little people who need your 24 hours a day . . . to moody teens who live in their room and can’t stand the sight of you . . . to thriving grown adults who value your opinion again! I’ve got my share of moody teens right now!

i understand where you're at

The truth is I’m living it too.

On a daily basis I’m juggling my photography career, keeping 4 humans alive, homeschooling my youngest who has Down syndrome, letting our 2 dogs in and out a thousand times a day, and making sure there is enough food in the fridge to keep my husband happy. Oh wait, am I supposed to take time to document all this craziness??

I have  been there, I get that!

I'm here for you, friend.

I get it . . . I know it seems overwhelming to find the time to pack up a newborn 

or wrestle kids into cute wardrobe and convince your husband that the time and investment is worth it (or is that just my husband??). That’s what I’m here for. Let me take all the effort and stress out of the equation so that you can do what you do best - snuggling your littles.

I can guarantee that in 20 years, when the house is always clean and there are no more little shoes to trip over,


When you look back at the images. You will remember the way your child smelled, the sound of their breath rising and falling at night, the heavy footsteps down the hallway of an early riser, or the soft touch of tiny fingers on your face . 


The images we create will be an anchor to feelings, memories and emotions from this fleeting stage of motherhood.


You will have the most beautiful images of the people you cherish most in this world. 

i understand where you're at

I just watched the slideshow (again!!) annnnnd still, waterworks every time... I cannot thank you enough! These photos are simply breathtaking. One is truly more beautiful than the next...thank you thank you!

cj, client since 2019

Take time for what really matters?

Capture your family’s story?

Treat yourself to a luxury photography experience?

Are you ready to...

I am so in love!It is so much fun going through these pictures! I love all of these sweet pictures our girl and I love all of the pictures with us in them too! My heart is melting over these photos of our new little family! Thanks so much! You are amazing!

LG Client since 2018

What We Do

Julie Kulbago Photography is the preeminent newborn and family photographer & photography mentor in the Pittsburgh area. Specializing in capturing the fleeting moments of your baby’s first weeks of life, all while catering to new moms’ needs. Julie has perfected the newborn photography experience and has meticulously crafted every step in the process – from client comfort to polished imagery and lastly high quality heirloom artwork.

I welcome you to enjoy the Julie Kulbago Photography experience. 

Meet Julie

mother. survivor. photographer.

For 8 years I juggled a corporate job, household responsibilities and little kids. The days were long, I was pulled in a million different directions and I was just doing what was necessary to get through the day. I hate to admit it but I wasn’t enjoying any aspects of my life. Everything felt like a chore. The thing I regret most about that time is that I don’t remember much about my babies from when they were babies! I would give anything to go back in time and enjoy the little moments. I know everyone tells moms to “savor every moment”. To be honest - that’s not always possible! Being a mom is hard!!! It’s hard to enjoy being exhausted, 

i understand where you're at

I believe you have a life worth documenting. I can help.

changing the 15th diaper in a day or battling with a toddler over wearing pants! What I can tell you from my experience is that there are lots of little moments amidst the chaos worth cherishing. I’m not sure if it was the perspective I gained while battling breast cancer or just the normal perspective we get from age - - but these are the days to remember (ok, I know I didn’t come up with that myself). The tiny rolls of newborn skin, flaky fingers, a toddler’s chubby rolls, a toothless smile, braces, pimples, young people looking back at you . . . IT. ALL. GOES. SO. FAST. 

Not ready to commit,
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Let’s get to know each other a little better. I can’t wait to capture your family’s story.


Julie Kulbago Photography is conveniently located in Collier, PA | in between Bridgeville and Robinson.  The studio sits on a pastoral 3 acres and has access to both indoor and outdoor photography options. 

Studio address:
4029 Thoms Run & Oakdale Rd
Oakdale, PA 15071 

I'd love to chat with you and start creating your dream session.  Call or text whenever you are free . . . but as a mom I'm sure those free moments are few and far between . . . I won't judge if you have to make the call while hiding in your bathroom!

Phone Number | 412 519 4830