The Ultimate
Newborn Photography Experience 

With 12 years experience, I have learned that the very best photography is about so much more than just the final “picture”. From our very first conversation to final delivery of heirloom quality artwork, I am committed to creating an experience that is enjoyable, effortless and created just for you!  

So you’re looking for the very best newborn photographer?

You saw the 2 little lines on that “magic stick” and you instantly started googling anything and everything related to pregnancy and babies! I’m sure one thing on the “what to do when you are pregnant” list is to find an amazing and trustworthy newborn photographer!

My newborn photography sessions are so much more than just creating pretty pictures - rather they are an entire experience! The entire process has been carefully created with the intention of catering to a new mom’s needs. 

I offer the most amazing complete and thoughtful newborn photography experience 

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Can you relate to this?

Worried that you will be exhausted after giving birth?

Overwhelmed thinking about packing everything you think you need up and pulling picture perfect wardrobe together?

Not sure if you can let someone else work with your brand new baby?

You are a baby whisperer! I just loved sitting back and watching you work with our sweet boy. I seriously want to hire you to come to our house at night and work your magic! I don’t know what I loved more . . . your studio, chatting with you, eating your snacks or the finished pictures. I have been telling all of my friends about you! 

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I’ve been the new mom - I get it!! That’s why I have created a newborn photography experience that is tailored to your needs and wants. When we work together, prepare to become my best friend. We will chat on the phone and plan the most amazing session, laugh about how awful a lot of pregnancy is, I might even make a joke about how some wild animals eat their young and some days that sounds like a good option. When you arrive at my studio (bringing nothing but the baby - because remember - I take care of EVERYTHING), you will be welcomed in. I will instantly take over (after sanitizing and putting on my mask of course) and you get to exhale and then hop in the makeup chair and watch me work with your baby. When it’s time for family pictures you can shop in my curated client closet and find the most perfect boutique style dress to flatter your post baby figure. You will be totally taken care of!

Finding and trusting a newborn photographer can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to feel that way.

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Julie did a fantastic job taking photos of our newborn. My husband and I felt overwhelmed with outings as brand new parents - Julie made it SO EASY to get the photos taken. All we had to do is show up at the studio. She supplies the outfits and cute accessories and is an expert at capturing adorable newborn poses. We sat and relaxed while she kept our baby comfortable and took the pictures. The photos came out beautiful!

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What's Included:

Personalized styling website

Complimentary makeup for mom

Access to client closet for mom and little ones

Blankets, hats, headbands and props

Breakfast, Snacks & drinks 


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Because motherhood is more
than just a word

Frequently Asked Questions

where will the session take

All of my newborn sessions occur in my Oakdale, PA (in between Bridgeville and Robinson area).

what should I bring to the

Nothing!! I handle everything!! I have all of the blankets, wraps, headbands, props etc. I even have a boutique style wardrobe for moms and little siblings. Just have dad wear something neutral. I will have a professional make-up artist here to hide the new mom black bags and make you glow like the magazines promise us! I truly just want you to relax!

how far after baby is born
should the session take place?

The best time to photograph your newborn is before 2 weeks of age. This is because they are still in that sleepy and curly stage. When they are still super new I can gently move them from one pose to the next and get a great variety of images.
Just because the ideal time is less than 14 days doesn’t mean I can’t photograph your older baby.

are siblings/family included
in the session?

Absolutely! Having a baby is an important event for a family and big siblings need to be a part of this special time. 

how many pictures will
we get?

On average I am delivering galleries of 60-80 unique images! Half will be of the baby alone and the other half will be parent and sibling images. As I have been doing this for 11 years I am able to quickly and efficiently move baby between poses so that I can give you a huge variety of images!

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Do you love all of the images of the squishy chubby babies? Looking to have more than “just pictures”. Do you know that your baby deserves the very best?