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Tired of feeling stuck when it comes to your business?

BEEN THERE. Done That. 

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

When I first started my career I literally didn't even know how to take a picture!  By the way - I don't advise that.  I felt like I was literally going in circles and had no idea what to do first let alone know how to grow a thriving business.

After having my 3rd child, I knew that I could no longer work in my demanding job in corporate America.  I was literally wracking my brain every night trying to figure out something I could do so that I could be there for my family and provide financially for them as well.  I think it was my husband who suggested I try photography because "I really liked taking pictures".  I kind of crack up now at the thought but at the time I was desperate and I googled "best camera for photographers" and my business was live!  

it all started with a camera and a dream

are you ready to finally grow a business you love?

I bet you can imagine that I stumbled quite a bit and made a lot of mistakes along the way.  I also spent WAY TOO MANY HOURS going it alone.  I was a one woman show . . . I didn't know how to do anything so I had to research everything!  So much for having more time with my family!
Fast forward 12 years and I now have a 6 figure business that I LOVE!  I wish I knew then what I know now - - I could have been more profitable and had more time on my hands much sooner.  And now I get to share all of that knowledge with new and aspiring photographers!

Her 1:1 mentoring gave me the tools I needed to break free from my job & start the business of my


 - bella p.

Hands on coaching in my studio to give you EVERYTHING you need to become the very best newborn photographer.  This highly personalized mentoring session will cut down your learning curve and have you posing like a pro.

1:1 Hands on Newborn Posing Mentoring

you'll learn

2 ways we can work together

Want a Path to Success?

Totally free & packed with actionable nuggets for aspiring & new photographers.   Learn from my 12 years of photography experience!



For women who are Type A (fellow A'er here!) and who want to expedite their transition to amazing newborn photographer with  an intense, personalized roadmap to success.  Hands on posing, image review and membership in ongoing support facebook group.

One-on-One Newborn Posing Mentoring 

for the go getter


A quick guide to fill up your website with perfectly polished images to open the client floodgate!

a free guide

How to build your portfolio

Step 03

You've practiced forever and honed your craft.  How do you go from side hustle to pro?  

a free guide

Side Hustle to Pro

Step 02

Tired of searching all over for beautiful newborn photography gear?  Search no more!

a free guide

My Favorite

Step 01

Have you finally decided that you want to start or really focus on your photography career but now your head is spinning? Take a deep breath - I've been there - start here and then let's chat!

Because everyone loves free stuff!!

The Freebies

Do you find yourself saying “that baby was really difficult" more than you would like? Do you feel like other photographers know the secret to working with newborns and delivering full galleries? If you said “heck yes” - you have to check out this free guide to becoming a baby whisperer!

Become a Baby Whisperer