Here's what I KNOW: I was you just 12 short years ago.  I worked my "real" job all day, did the mom thing in the evening and then stayed up into the wee hours of the night working on my photography business.  That was not exactly how I dreamed it would look when I started my business.   But with a ton of research, trial & error and education, I turned my little business into a 6 figure career that allows me to stay home with my kids and control my own schedule!

I know what you're thinking, "That's great for you but I don't have the time . . . the market is now sooo saturated . . . I make a lot at my corporate job . . . we rely on my income".  

To that I say "Stop making excuses!"  (said with love).

STOP trying to figure everything out alone. Press the easy button and I'll give you the roadmap to starting & scaling your business and turning it into your dream job.

Are you tired of scouring the internet for how to become the best newborn & family photographer? 

Google is great but who has time for that??


you made a full-time living ($100,000 plus) with that same photography career

you were in complete control of your schedule

you could ramp up and ramp down depending on what was happening in your personal life

I'm here to help you do all of that!   Your wins are my wins ... and I have to be honest, I really like winning. 

you could quit your day job & start your photography career

you had the flexibility to attend every doctor's appointment, dance recital & school play


The Creating Freedom Academy

All the strategies I've used to bring in over 100k in sales every year

A simple pricing tool that ensures you are priced for profit

A client experience model that creates raving referrals & repeat clients

The secret website formula that will turn readers into clients

All the tech and tools you need to run your photography business

This program is for you if you want . . . 

a membership group that allows you to master the technical & business side of newborn & family photography so you can quit your day job & make serious money!

Consistent bookings so you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from.

Confidence when photographing families and the ability to create joy filled emotive images 

A newborn photography workflow to safely, beautifully & efficiently pose newborns 

A mentor in your pocket (that's me) for questions, guidance, support & direction

the reviews

Here’s Everything Inside the
"Creating Freedom" Online Membership Group


In-depth newborn posing videos covering everything from lighting, posing, work flow, angles, baby soothing, trouble shooting etc.  

Posing Videos

EVERYTHING you need to know to run a successful business including startup knowhow, SEO, website copy, pricing, client acquisition & retention, in person sales, my favorite art pieces and more!

Business Skills

Kind of like office hours from your college days . . . I will have a live Q&A hour twice a month on Wednesdays at 3 pm EST.   I can answer questions, provide image critique and offer support to keep you on track every step of the way.   These calls will be recorded if you can't make them live.  

Monthly Q & A

A community of go-getter, badass women who will help you achieve your goals 10x faster than if you did it alone. 


I'm the face  behind "Creating Freedom".   I help moms who are desperate to escape their 9-5 start (or grow) photography businesses so that they can be in control of their schedule and make serious bank in the process!

I’m here to show you that you have what it takes to run your own business.  You can make your daydream a reality.  You can have it all!

I used to be the woman who cried every time she had to miss a school performance or say goodnight to my kids via phone call from an office.  I know what it's like to want or need to have more control over your schedule.    I've also googled "work from home jobs" more times than I can count.

It wasn't easy but I cracked the code on earning significant money in photography.  I'm the kind of person who wants to help others do the same.  
Women have to stick together.  We are all on very similar journeys.   I would love to share what I have learned so that I can make your journey just a little bit easier (actually - I can make it a LOT easier!)

the reviews

Lighting is probably one of the most important elements in any type of photography. We'll cover studio light (essential equipment, placement, etc). Everything you learn can be applied to natural light situations as well.



I will teach you my exact workflow to quickly & efficiently move baby between poses. You will learn all the tricks of how to do all the main poses . . . froggy, modified taco, bottoms up, snuggle, heads up, on back, in props, creative wraps & so much more!

Newborn Posing


Basic and advanced editing techniques to safely pose baby and create works of art.



80% of your success in the photography world will be reliant on your ability to run a business.  20% will be on your ability to take great images.  Start on the right path by having a rock solid  business foundation.

You will learn the secrets on how to create a powerful website that gets you on the 1st page of google and turns readers into  clients.  We'll also discuss google analytics, building a personal brand & identifying your dream avatar.  

Websites That Convert


Improve your pricing strategy and discover the untapped gold mine that exists in your products and services. 

If you are charging slightly less than your competitors in order to attract clients, you NEED this info.  Discover your true cost of doing business so you can price for profit.  And while we're at it - let's toss out those excel spreadsheets you are tracking your sales with because I'll be teaching you how to upgrade your business management software.

The Art of Pricing


If the word "sales" has you wanting to run - just wait!  

You'll learn how to hold an IPS session that serves your clients and helps your bottom line.  You do NOT have to be a salesperson (I'm certainly not!) to do IPS.  I'll teach you how to add value by offering your clients solutions to their pain points . . . all while making you more profitable.  And of course, I show you the tech that makes it super easy.

In Person Sales


Creating a client experience is the #1 way you can have clients lining up to work with you.

It's so much more than just "being nice to your clients".  A stellar client experience increases the impression of your brand and impacts your bottom line.  

Client Experience


Do you sit in front of a blank screen trying to write content for your emails, welcome guides & questionnaires . . . pretty much everything you have to write?

As a free bonus I'm giving you ALL OF MY templates (what to wear, client prep welcome guides etc), workflows and contracts.

Bonus Content!

a peek into the membership

we will cover

The results


A decreased learning curve as you eliminate the guesswork around newborn & family posing by getting comprehensive video instruction on creating stunning imagery.

You will attract and retain your dream clients, who value what you offer & pay you thousands per session.

 Build a photography business you love, with a fully booked out calendar that finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want.

Learn how to build,  manage and automate your business - saving you hours behind your computer.  

Live interaction with me twice a month via my Q&A Zoom hour.  Advice, feedback, support, image critique and more - all tailored to your specific situation.  

Become part of an inclusive community of go-getter women who will support you in achieving your goals.

It's time to stop playing small and get the tools to
book your calendar out with dream clients. 


frequently asked

Are you making 4 figure sales at each session?  Is your calendar booked a few months out?  Do you clients come back year over year?  Do your clients tell you that they found you on Google and that they LOVE your website?  If you answered no to any of those then you need to join us!!

You will have access for as long as you are in the membership program!  From the moment you join you have access to everything in the membership - and new content is always being added!

Absolutely!  Everything I teach will actually make your side hustle more profitable - - and can get you on the road to pro even faster (if that's what you want).  Actually, I only have one requirement:  You gotta be willing to put in the work (I'm talking full on, sweaty Peloton ride, WORK). 

You're juggling business ownership, lunchboxes, baby whispering, and dinner preparing (I.e. speed dialing that pizza place down the road), too?! I get it!  This membership was built for the busy ones. That is why all the content is there for you to consume on your schedule.  In addition, I will be available to you for Q&A twice/month!  This is  going to change your whole life. 

This is more than just some videos posted for you to watch.  It's the whole kit and caboodle!  You get ALL the pieces you need to run a successful business - the skills training, business acumen & a built in mentor!

Hell no. Every industry is saturated.  There is only one you and you can't be replicated.  People NEED your vision and, like my business coach once told me, "Doesn't it feel a little unfair for you to keep it all inside?!"

Besides getting a mentor who really freakin' cares about you (aka ME) you will be connected to a group of motivated women who will help you grow your business faster than you could EVER do alone. The connections I've made in membership programs have paid off 100x. The same will go for you. 

Absolutely!  Feel free to call me at 412 - 519 - 4830 (I'm on the EST time zone) or shoot me an email at

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